Caber Toss

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A unique portrait in bronze of Mr Tim Dalton alongside his bicycle. - See more at:

The Caber Toss is Scottish tradition, the main event at the Scottish Highland Games. Men and Women tossing a large wooden pole called a Caber.

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Bronze Elephant

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bronze elephant

More information on the bronze elephant to follow.

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Commemorative Plaques

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A collection of commemorative plaques based around Dublin .

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Michael C Keane Born 1972

Dublin based self-employed sculptor specialising in architectural and outdoor ceramics, public and private commissions, figurative and animal work in bronze. All of Michael's work is completely unique.

Michael's work has been purchased across Europe and America, even as far as Australia, his ceramic gargoyles bask in the Australian sun. His work is part of many public and private collections in Ireland e.g. Cavan, Cork, Wexford, Belfast, Galway, Offaly and Dublin.

He has always viewed sculpture as a career even from a young age; having completed an advanced diploma in fine art sculpture in DIT Dublin I do believe his approach to sculpture is completely unique. Using light and shade to sculpt, seeing in tones of grey so to speak, focused on form and expression of movement. The materials he primarily uses are clay and wax as they have no colour. One of Michaels most admired Sculptors Giacometti

If I see everything in grey and in grey all the colours I experience and which I would like to reproduce. Then why should I use any other colour? I have tried doing so, it was never my intention to paint only with grey, but in the course of my work I have eliminated one colour after another, and what has remained is grey, grey, grey! Alberto Giacometti.

Michael is most at home with representational work although he has completed a number of successful abstract and semi-abstract works in the course of his sculptural career.

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